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Cheng lab's research project named among top ten innovation and technology news 2023

Organised by the Beijing-Hong Kong Academic Exchange Centre, the annual selection invites universities in Hong Kong to submit news on innovation, technology and scientific research. On 5 February, four CUHK research projects were named among the top ten Hong Kong Innovation and Technology News 2023.

CU Medicine uncovers the keys for liver cancer adaptation to immunotherapy

Liver cancer remains one of the most common cancers in the world. Recent research from CUHK’s Faculty of Medicine has discovered how liver cancer cells adapt to immunotherapy, the most advanced therapy for cancer patients. The team empowered immunotherapy by counteracting the resistance mechanisms of cancer cells and confirmed their clinical potential in liver cancer animal models. Research results have been published in the leading international journal Gut. The team is also going to commence a new Phase II clinical trial of combination immunotherapy, aiming to translate the discovery into patient benefits.

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