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Joint CUHK-GZHMU Lab Meeting on 3D Genome

We are happy to have Prof. WANG Jia and his team for a visit and academic communication. We organized a Joint CUHK-GZHMU Lab Meeting on 3D Genome on 28th April.

Prof. WANG Jia has long been involved in the establishment and maintenance of stem cell pluripotency and the mechanism of tumorigenesis and development, and his main research interests include 3D genome and gene expression regulation, 3D genome structure variation and tumorigenesis, and phase separation with 3D genome. Research has been published in Cell Stem Cell、Cell Research、Stem Cell Reports、Journal of Pathology、Oncogene、Cancer Letters et. al. Prof. WANG Jia’s team was the first to report that phase separation can directly regulate the re-organization of TAD (topologically associated structural domain), and were selected as the cover article of Volume 10 of the 28th issue of Cell Stem Cell. Nature Structural & Molecular Biology highly praised the discovery and selected as one of the top 12 breakthrough scientific achievements in the world in 2021.

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